Diesel Pressure Washer (LT18/24DX)



  • Heavy duty diesel high pressure washer.
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Pump Model LT3WZ-1808A
Max Pressure 3200 psi
Flow Rate 11.3 l/min
Power 10 hp @ 3000 rpm
Dimensions 770x515x680mm
Weight 104kg
Pressure Hose 8mtr


Pressure Washer Specifications
Pump Model: LT3WZ-1808A
Max Pressure: 3200 psi
Flow Rate: 11.3 l/min
Power: 10hp @ 3000 rpm
Pressure Hose: 8 mtr
Key Start: Yes
Quick Connect Nozzle: 0 deg: Yes
Quick Connect Nozzle: 15 deg: Yes
Quick Connect Nozzle: 25 deg: Yes
Quick Connect Nozzle: 40 deg: Yes
Quick Connect Nozzle: Chemical: Yes
Professional Trigger Gun: Yes
Low Pressure Detergent Injector: Yes
Commercial Grade Pump: Yes


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